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The 21st International Union of Materials Research Societies - International Conference in Asia (IUMRS-ICA 2020) have 26 symposiums

Symposium Topics

A. Electronic and Optical Materials


A1. Advanced Ferroic Materials (Piezoelectrics, Ferroic Materials)


A2. Photonic Materials and Applications


A3. Thermoelectric Materials and Devices


A4. Quantum Materials

B. Energy and Environment Materials


B1. Catalyst Materials


B2. Emerging Solar PV


B3. Energy Storage (Batteries and Supercapacitors)

C. Biomaterials and Medical Devices


C1. Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering


C2. Biosensing and Medical Devices


C3. Functional Nanomaterials for Therapeutic Delivery, Diagnosis, and Detection


C4. Bio-based Materials and Applications

D. Advanced Functional Materials


D1. Advanced Carbon Materials (Graphene and Carbon Materials)


D2. Magnetic Materials and Applications


D3. Advanced Ceramic Materials (Ceramic and Glass Technology)


D4. Advanced Polymeric Materials (Rubber, Plastics)

E. Advanced Structural Materials


E1. Composites and Construction Materials


E2. Metal, Material Processing and Corrosion 


E3. Materials Joining and Additive Manufacturing Technology

F. Computational Materials Science, Modelling and Simulations with joint Asian
Consortium on Computational Materials Science Theme Meeting 2021
(ACCMS-Theme Meeting 2021)

  F1. Modelling of Materials Structure, Defects and Properties
  F2. Data-driven Materials Discovery and Design
  F3. Computational Catalysis and Materials for Energy and Environment
 G. Advanced Fabrication, Characterisation and Devices
  G1. Sensors, Printed Electronics
  G2. Thin-film and Tribology Technology
 H. Instrumentation and Materials Characterization
  H1. Synchrotron Radiation and Applications
  H2. Novel Methods of Material Characterization
 I. Special Symposium
  I1. Material Enterprises and Industries
R. Rheology
  R1. Rheology


The Empress Hotel
Chiang Mai, Thailand




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